Web3 Studios Launches YouTube Series

Web3 Studios is ramping up its content production, keep reading below to learn more!

Young Barid’s β€œTop Floor” Album Cover by Christopher β€˜The-Arkhightek’ Dominguez aka kreeAtive-heARTs

Behind The Music: Inside the Web3/OKCNOTLONDON Universe

β€œBehind The Music” is the new YouTube series from Web3 Studios that takes viewers β€œBehind The Music” of its debut music releases in β€œSS1”, β€œTop Floor”, and β€œCloud Forms” from artists little vibe, Young Barid, and BeatsByRay. Dive into the lyrics and songs with the artists themselves to unravel the meaning behind the songs and how they fit into the overall lore of the Web3/OKCNOTLONDON Universe! Click the video above to stream the series and subscribe to the channel!

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