Waveforms: A letter from little vibe.

Pictured above: the artist known as “little vibe”.

No solutions, only meditations…

It has been a while… In fact, the last time we spoke in this way, on “Philosopher’s Stone: Stage 1 — Nigredo” (11/11/2011), I went by a different moniker, “H. Ra”.

While we always find ourselves in the same time and space, for nothing ever exists outside of the single, present moment, we come to find ourselves at a new reflection (reference) point. New reference points provide the fertile soil for the birth of new personas.

The persona is a complicated system of relations between individual consciousness and society, fittingly enough a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and, on the other, to conceal the true nature of the individual.” ~C.G. Jung

Similar to the previous reference point, in which we found our world in the midst of a financial collapse (transformation) related to housing, a “larger world power” in occupation of a “smaller world power” — the U.S. in occupation of Iraq, and the Occupy Wall Street movement, among other things... Shortly thereafter, some of us found ourselves in renewed (albeit short-lived) optimism with the election of what appeared to be a new, more progressive, political leader in the U.S. nation’s first president of direct African descent (we are all products of indirect African descent) supported by a more seasoned (both politically and physiologically) copilot. The waveforms released at that reference point were a reflection, a meditation on the times: A dark night and rebirth reflective of the individual and “larger” collective soul.

Flash forward to the current reference point, 11 years later, we find ourselves in a similar reflection point: Another financial collapse (transformation), another “larger world power” in occupation of a “smaller world power” — Russia in occupation of Ukraine, and the blockchain technology (Web3) movement, among other things… The U.S. nation’s previous reflection point’s copilot has now become the pilot. However, the renewed optimism now comes in the form of a new symbol, this time a technological movement — Web3: A movement inspired by decentralized (chaotic/disruptive) technology that is redefining our collective understanding and operation of finance, governance, and “ownership”. The waveforms released at this reflection point will be, once again, a meditation on the times.

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” ~C.G. Jung

No solutions (offered), only meditations… See you soon.

~little vibe.



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