NFT TCG: Vision

NFT TCG Mage Pack v1 Card Example

Created with love: Inspired by fond memories of various trading card games from our childhood, we decided to bring this special concept to the Web3 space! ❤️


• We intend to build and position NFT TCG as Web3’s Premier Trading Card Game! 🚀

• We plan to initially launch and operate on the Avalanche (AVAX) 🔺 blockchain, with support for other chains to come in the future.

• We envision NFT TCG as the evolution of traditional trading card games:

• Play-and-Earn (PAE) game with multiple card types, rarities, attributes, perks, designs, etc all created, procured, stored, and accessible on the blockchain!

NFT TCG Knight Pack v1 Card Example


• Community based ecosystem vision🌎

• 3% NFT TCG token royalties for resales to our special community of minters!

• 10% royalties for all resales to the Web3 Studios team so that we can keep building, enhancing, and providing value back to the community and ecosystem! A portion of these proceeds will also be donated to charitable organizations.

• Game and ecosystem that evolves with each “Pack” release (mint)!

• Metaverse and real-world community gaming tournaments, meetups, leagues, etc!

• NFT TCG token for interacting with various aspects of the ecosystem!

• Products that enhance the overall NFT TCG community!

NFT TCG Knight Pack v1 Card Example


• Iterative Mindset:
We are proponents of the iterative development process and we plan to evolve this community and product alongside Web3’s continually evolving ecosystem!

Click here to visit our “Roadmap” page for up-to-date information on the state of progress!

Click the links below to view more and connect with our team:



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