NFT TCG: Knight & Mage v1 Mints

NFT TCG Knight Pack v1 Card Example

Mint price, quantity, location, and more details coming soon!

Knight and Mage v1 Packs

• The “Knight Pack v1” and “Mage Pack v1” are limited NFT TCG releases that contain algorithmically generated NFTs that serve as digital trading cards for both standalone collectors and members of our Play-and-Earn (PAE) community alike!

NFT TCG Mage Pack v1 Card Example


  • This collection is a LIMITED-RELEASE of NFTs stylized as medieval knight and mage character motifs, with various attributes (Stats) that will lend themselves to different styles of design and gameplay perks!
NFT TCG Mage Pack v1 Card Example


• We cannot reiterate enough, THESE ARE LIMITED-RELEASE MINTS/PACKS: If you miss out on the initial mint, then your NFT purchase would need to take place on the community/secondary marketplace.

• Stay tuned to our social media for more updates — We are MINTING SOON on Avalanche (AVAX)! 🔺

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