Web3 Studios, LLC team pictured above from left to right: Bret, Heru, Jake, Ray.

Born in Oklahoma City, OK by two childhood friends that have a shared passion for technology, gaming, music, and community.

Ray and Heru founded Web3 Studios in 2022 to contribute to the development of emerging blockchain technologies and experiences. Heru and Ray found kindred spirits in both Bret and Jacob, who Heru met as coworkers in the software development industry.

Boasting a combined 25+ years of software development industry experience, along with a diverse set of skills in science, technology, math, business operations, project and product management, software development, music production, and so much more… Web3 Studios is here and ready to make a statement. 🔥🚀

Welcome to the future, welcome to Web3 Studios! We’re going to be here for a while. 😎

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NFT TCG Mage Pack v1 Card Example

• NFT TCG is Web3’s Premier Trading Card Game!

• The flagship product of Web3 Studios!

• Join our community: Collect, trade, and play!

• These NFTs serve as trading cards that can be used as collectors’ items for trade or resale, and also for playing and interacting with the NFT TCG play-and-earn (PAE) game and ecosystem.

• The trading cards are released in limited-release mints (which we affectionately dub as “Packs”) of algorithmically generated NFTs, with specific attributes (“Stats”) that are unique to each Pack release.

• The various attributes that each card can have, along with their corresponding effects on gameplay, lend to each NFT having its own unique value based on collector preference, play-style, etc.

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Web3 Studios, LLC

Web3 Studios, LLC

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